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Did you know that there is also an IGV web application that runs only in a web browser, does not use Java, and requires no downloads? See Click on the Help link in the app for more information about using IGV-Web.

Latest release of IGV Desktop: 2.17.4#

As of version 2.17.0, IGV requires Java 17 or greater.

If you download one of the IGV versions that does not include Java, make sure you have Java 17 installed and in your path.

M1/M2 Mac Users:

Apple's Rosetta software is required to run the IGV MacOS App that includes Java. If you run IGV with your own Java installation, Rosetta may not be required if your version of Java runs natively on M1/M2.

Linux users:

The 'IGV for Linux' download includes AdoptOpenJDK (now Eclipse Temurin) version 17 for x64 Linux. See their list of supported platforms here. If your platform is not on the "x64 Linux" list, or the packaged Java does not work on your version of Linux, download the 'Command line IGV for all platforms' and use it with your own Java installation.

What's New: See the Release Notes for what's new in each IGV release.
MacApp with java MacApp no java
Windows snapshot with java Windows no java
Linux with Java
Command line no java

Other releases of IGV Desktop#

Development snapshot build. Latest development snapshot; built at least nightly

Archived releases. Old releases going back to IGV 2.0

Other versions of IGV#

This Downloads page is for the IGV desktop version. See also: