IGV 2.8.13 - Nov 2020#

IGV 2.8.10 - Oct 2020#

This release includes new download bundles for IGV. For the MacOS App and the Windows Installer, you can now choose to download a version with or without an embedded Java. If you prefer to use your own installation of Java 11, choose an IGV download that is labeled "Separate Java 11 required".

IGV 2.8.9 - Aug 2020#

IGV 2.8.7 - Jul 2020#

IGV version 2.8.7 fixes some issues related to the enhanced security of MacOS Catalina. In particular, it includes improvements related to accessing files in the restricted folders (Desktop, Downloads, Documents, and external and remote drives).

IGV 2.8.6 - Jun 2020#

IGV 2.8.4 - Jun 2020#

IGV 2.8.3 - May 2020#

IGV 2.8.2 - Mar 2020#

IGV 2.8.0 - Jan 2020#

This release includes the following new features and improvements:

1. Sequence alignment tracks

2. Translation view in reference sequence track

3. Sample attributes

4. Other new features and improvements

5. The menu that connected IGV to GenomeSpace has been removed. With the discontinuation of NHGRI funding for the GenomeSpace project its servers have now been shut down. See genomespace.org for more details.