Integrative Genomics Viewer

For Developers
Use igv.js to embed an interactive genome visualization component in your web app.
Extension for Jupyter Notebook which integrates igv.js

All IGV software is open source - MIT License.
GitHub repos:   IGV Desktop  |  IGV Web App  |  igv.js  |  igv-jupyter  |  Juicebox Web

Citing IGV

To cite your use of IGV in your publication:

James T. Robinson, Helga Thorvaldsdóttir, Wendy Winckler, Mitchell Guttman, Eric S. Lander, Gad Getz, Jill P. Mesirov. Integrative Genomics Viewer. Nature Biotechnology 29, 24–26 (2011)

Helga Thorvaldsdóttir, James T. Robinson, Jill P. Mesirov. Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV): high-performance genomics data visualization and exploration. Briefings in Bioinformatics 14, 178-192 (2013).


IGV development has been supported by funding from the National Cancer Institute (NCI)  of the National Institutes of Health, the Informatics Technology for Cancer Reserarch (ITCR) of the NCI, and the Starr Cancer Consortium.

IGV participates in the GenomeSpace initiative, which is funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute.